Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023-24 Form Download – Schedule Punjab

Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023-24 Form Download

Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023-24 Form Download – Scholarship applications to the Punjab Government Employees Benevolent Fund 2023 have been made available. These awards are available to the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of government workers in the Punjab province.

Scholarship Requirements for the Benevolent Fund 2023-24

Candidates must be dependent children or grandchildren of current or former government employees in Punjab who have scored at least 60% in the Matriculation or equivalent examination and are enrolled in the following grade.

Special needs children of current, former, and deceased government of Punjab employees who are enrolled in a special school are also welcome to apply. An additional three children of employees who have died or retired due to disability are eligible to apply. Along with the application, they must include an authenticated copy of their Matriculation or higher results card.


How to Apply for a Scholarship from the Punjab Benevolent Fund in 2023–24

Each year, the Educational Scholarship application form is published in the press by the Provincial Benevolent Fund Board.


The following are the annual percentages awarded as Educational Scholarships to the offspring of government employees.

Gazetted (Part-I) (Part-I)

Prices range from PKR10,000 for primary and secondary school to PKR28,000 for doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.

PKR 32,000 Gazetted vs. Non-Gazetted (Part II)

Prices range from PKR 1,500 for primary and secondary school to PKR 6,000 for bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and similar degrees in fields like medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, engineering, and science.

PKR 8,000

High-achieving students are recognized with a PKR 50,000 scholarship instead of the usual PKR 30,000. This is provided to students who have scored 90% or more on any examination (Matriculation or above). To access the Application Form, please click here.

1-Children of Punjab government gazette officers should submit applications to the office of the Provincial Benevolent Fund Board, located in the Alfalah building on the Mall in Lahore, through the heads of their respective departments.


Those who are 2-Gazetted officers of the province government (Grade 16 and above) or non-gazetted employees of the Civil Secretariat, such as the SST Assistant Education Officer, may submit applications for their children at the office of the provincial benevolent fund board.

Third, government employees who are not secretaries but are in grades 1 through 15 must submit their forms to the office of the chairman of their district’s benevolent fund board, who is usually a District Coordination Officer (DCO).

The deadline for submitting completed applications is March 31, 2023. Applications sent via regular mail will not be accepted if they arrive after the deadline.


Check out or dial 042-99204035 for further details. The newspaper clipping below this post contains information in Urdu.


Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship 2023-24 Form Download - Schedule Punjab

Download Scholarship Form  2023-24


Last Date 31-March-2023


Who can apply for scholarships from the Benevolent Fund?

All children of active retired, and deceased employees of the Punjab Government (BPS-01 to BPS-16 [Gazetted and Non-Gazetted]) are eligible for benevolent scholarships.

The Punjab Benevolent Fund is a charitable organization.

The Benevolent Fund is a department of the Punjab government that helps workers before, during, and after their careers with the government. Every month, a portion of your paycheck will go toward the Benevolent Fund (BF). Scholarships, weddings, and funerals are all valid uses for this endowment.

Where can I find the Benevolent Fund Punjab’s deadline?

If you look at any advertisement for the Punjab Benevolent Fund for Scholarships, you’ll see that they include a date by which applications must be received.

How can I submit my Benevolent Fund scholarship application?

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