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Artificial Intelligence Moreover, the fourth industrial revolution has made significant progress over the past few years. As you will see in subsequent posts, the majority of this current progress that is usable has been developed for industrial and business purposes. Research institutes and dedicated, specialised businesses are working towards the ultimate goal of AI (cracking artificial general intelligence), developing open platforms and investigating the ethics that will follow. There are also a number of companies developing AI products for consumers, which will be the topic of the first post in this series.

I’ve combed through thousands of websites (over 6,000 links) over the course of a few weeks to compile an exhaustive list of the best AI products and most promising companies in the industry.

Let’s Start With This:

Abi ( — Abi is an artificially intelligent health assistant which connects people to doctors for quick advice or in-depth consultations.

Cue by  — helps you to reduce and quit smoking

Artificial Intelligence for personal use:

 Personal / In-Home

Ems  — helps you find the perfect place to live
Bridge Kitchen  — kitchen assistant for turn-by-turn directions in the kitchen
UnifyID  — verify your identity by the way you walk, type and sit


Carly  — helps you manage phone calls
ETCH  — helps you manage your networks into a searchable database
Findo  — Your smart search assistant across email, files &personal cloud
Leap  — recommends companies to apply for based on your skills
Lomi  — identifies sales leads
Mosaic  — helps you write better resumes
Newton  — helps you find a dream job
Notion  — helps with email overload, organisation and communication
Robby  — a better and smarter calendar
Stella  — scans for jobs and helps manage your application process
Woo — helps you make smarter decision for your career, anonymously
Aloe  — replaces your notes books, diary and meeting preparation material
Wade&Wendy — your career advisor  — browser widget that helps you learn about people your emailing





Brightcrowd  — helps you find meaningful professional connections  — recall the good times in life  — dating app with Face Search
ETCH — helps you manage your networks into a searchable database
Eezy  — let Eezy take care of your evening so you can take care of having fun
Hashley — ironic hashtag and comment generator for your photos  — can tell you how hot you are — actionable insights and relationship intelligence
Rey  — introduces you to people you should really meet (work and play)



Thirdleap  — helps children to learn maths
Woogie  — the conversational AI robot that makes learning and discovery fun for children

 Health / Medical

Abi  —a health assistant which connects people to doctors for quick advice
Ada  — can help if you’re feeling unwell
Airi  — personal health coach — helps you care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s
Amélie  — chatbot for mental health
Bitesnap  — food recognition from meal photos to help count calories 6 — makes lab results easy to understand
Gyan 6 — helps you go from symptoms to likely conditions
Joy 3 — helps you track and improve your mental health
Kiwi 6 — helps you to reduce and quit smoking
Tess 6 by X2AI — therapist in your pocket 13 — diagnose snoring and tooth grinding


 Agents — Personal

Amazon Echo / Alexa 19 — everyday personal assistant for in-home
Apple Siri 10 — everyday personal assistant on iPhone and Mac
Cortana 8— everyday personal assistant on PC and Windows devices
Facebook M 16 — competitors to Siri, Now and Cortana
Fin 13 — a powerful personal assistant
Focus 12 — helps you focus, get tasks done and prioritise your day
Gatebox 5 — a holographic anime assistant in an espresso machine
Google Assistant 5 — everyday personal assistant
Hound 5 — everyday personal assistant
Ling 4 — similar to Amazon Echo
Mycroft 10 — is the world’s first open source voice assistant
Remi 8— like Siri with an interface
Spoken 10 — virtual assistant with an interface
Viv 32 — like Siri but 10x better

 Agents — Professional

Clara 11 — meeting scheduling assistant
Julie Desk 2 — meeting scheduling assistant (aimed at C-Suite)
Kono 2 — meeting scheduling assistant
Mimetic 2 — meeting scheduling assistant
My Ally 2 — handles meeting scheduling and manages calendar
SkipFlag 2 — automatically discover and organise your work
Vesper 3 — virtual assistant aimed at C-Suite 2— meeting scheduling assistant 14 — personal assistant to help you at work


🙍 Agent — Fun

Fembot 108— your AI girlfriend
Lifos 25 — dynamic independent entities that interact with the web and social
Replika 37— your AI friend that you raise through text conversations

 Agents — Chatbot

Brin 17 — helps you make smarter business decisions
Chatfuel 25 — create a Facebook chatbot in 7 minutes
Luka 11 — chatbot messenger for people and other chatbots
Lyra 4 — monitor analyse your carbon emissions
myWave 21 — chatbot to help you throughout your daily life

 Entertainment / News

Jottr 17 — content and news app that learns what you like and don’t like
News360 20
— learns what you enjoy and finds stories you’ll like


Ada 16 — chatbot that helps you navigate and make decisions
Emma 3
— automatically calculates and adds meeting travel time
 — helps you manage travel itineraries and meetings
HelloGbye 4— book complex trips with simple speech
Mezi 11 —helps with booking flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and more
Nexar 2 — dash cam app that helps you drive safer
Ready 1 — traffic forecaster and travel time prediction
Spatial 4 — reveal the social layer of cities



Vinli 66 — turns any car into a smart car

‍ Fitness

Mara 23 — smarter running app


Aiva 45 — composes emotional soundtrack music
Pandora 34 — finds music you might like

 Insurance / Legal

Docubot 13 — can advise you on legal issues
Driveway 2 — tracks and rewards safe drivers


Butler 3 — Order food with voice (Alexa / Google Home)
Entrupy 3
 — helps detect if high-end designer products are authentic
Fify 5 — helps you shop for clothing
GoFind 4 — helps you find clothing online by taking a photo 10 — helps you find clothing online



Abe 24 — fast answers about your finances
Andy 10 — a personal Tax Accountant
Ara 9 — helps you budget
Bond 13 — helps you achieve your financial goals
Mylo 1 — rounds up your everyday purchases and invest the spare change
Olivia 5 — helps you manage your finances
Responsive 4— institutional-grade active portfolio management
Roger 5 — helps you pay bills easily
Wallet 12 — AI for your daily finance decisions 7— AI lending chatbot

 Social media / Website management

Firedrop 70 — websites designed automatically, just add content and publish
Hashley 36 — ironic hashtag and comment generator for your photos 34 — throw content at it and it builds you a website
Oly 20 — selects and helps you publish content to your social media
Signature 23— build elegant landing pages using your social media content
TheGrid 29 — building websites automatically just by adding content 19 — personalised recommendations for your Shopify store

 IoT / IIoT

Aerial 9 — home activity, movement and identity sensor 3 — smart-home platform focused on speech and sound
Cubic 4 — one place to connect your smart home devices
Grojo 4 — grow room controller and monitoring system
Home — autonomous home operations with connected devices
Hello 2 — helps you monitor and improve your sleep
Josh 1 — whole house voice control
Mycroft 10 — is the world’s first open source voice assistant
Nanit 1 — baby monitor that measures sleep and caregiver interactions
Nest — a range of in-home devices such as Thermostat, security and alarms



Eli 14 — helps you learn a new language from conversations through your day 8
 — wearable for martial arts to help analyse kicks and fights

 Language / Translation

Liv 10 — transcribe conversations in English and Hindi
Microsoft Translator 22
— language translator powered by neural networks 15— legal, academic and financial translations


Dispatch 7 — delivery by robot
Jibo — an friendly interactive robot for the home
Roboy 10— a humanoid robot aimed to be as capable as a human
Rokid 3 — a range of in-home robots and assistants
Spoon 3 — a robot (I couldn’t work out its purpose, but it sounded cool!)
UBTECH 1 — fun humanoid robots for the home (the popular Alpha and Cruz)

 Useful + Fun + Random

Botler 12 — immigration process made simpler with a walk through
CaptionBot 15
 — Microsoft describes any photo 9
— crowdfunding platform for AI projects
Elevator 8 — helps you find and buy cannabis (with recommendations)
Fieldguide 6 — universal field guide that suggests possible matches 8— is a collaborative storytelling experiment using AI, machine learning, robotics, bio-engineering and IoT
#Laugh 9 — laughs visualised in a digital format, that may be sent to space
IntelligentX Brewing Co. 3 — beer brewed by artificial intelligence
Readster 10 — book recommendations from AI
Spark 5 — order cannabis from directly text messages
Subutai 3 — peer-to-peer social cloud computing
Token 6 — helps you send the perfect gift
Wixi 14 — helps you fix Wifi problems



Apollo 48 — breaks down articles and PDF’s into quick, readable dot points 32
 — helps you research by summarising articles and search ability
Iris 19 — helps you research and visualise concepts in research papers

 Events, Conferences and Communities

The AI Conference 9 — an annual event where leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners meet and collaborate
Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 5
 — Bootstrap Labs Venture firm 7
 — the one stop shop for AI/ML/DL events and conferences 7 — game AI conference and courses 4— strong name game!
The AI Forum 2— Montreal based AI conference

Amsterdam 6 — applied AI community and events
Bangalore 16 — applied AI community and events
Berlin 2 — applied AI community and events
Bucharest 1 — applied AI community and events
Budapest 2 — applied AI community and events 3 — applied AI communities and events
Hamburg 4 — applied AI community and events
Hongkong 1 — applied AI community and events
London 4 — applied AI community and events
Madrid 1 — applied AI community and events
Milan 2 — applied AI community and events
New 5 — applied AI community and events
Krakow — applied AI community and events
Oslo — applied AI community and events
Tallinn 1 — applied AI community and events
Tirana — applied AI community and events
Seattle — applied AI community and events
Singapore — applied AI community and events
Sofia — applied AI community and events
Stockholm 1 — applied AI community and events
Valletta 1 — applied AI community and events

 News and blogs

AI Weekly 23— a weekly collection news and resources on AI and ML
Approximately Correct 10 — AI and Machine Learning blog
Axiomzen 5 — AI newsletter delivered every 2 weeks 8 — AI commentators 10 — dedicated to making the power of deep learning accessible to all 13 — dedicated news and updates for ML and AI
Machine Learning Weekly 8— a hand-curated newsletter ML and DL
PRAI 5 — f0rum for AI, ML and Robotics
Storyteller 15 — the emergence of new narratives as intelligent algorithms

Furthermore: 32 (Research) — discover startups, then evaluate and engage 21 (Finance) — a simple tool to help you make smart stock decisions
Aging.AI 8 (Health) — predicts your age and gender from a blood test
Neurons.a 7 i (News and blogs) — professional network for AI and ML discussion
Moon Wearables 2 (Wearables) — wearable to monitor your body and health
Jarvis 28 (Personal) — a novelty personal assistant for mobile
A16Z AI Playbook 2 (Other) — Andreessen Horowitz take on the state of AI
Wealthfront 15 (Finance)— helps you plan finances, save money and where to invest 7 (Conversational)— learn if you’re investor ready or not through conversation


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