Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab Latest News

Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab

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Everybody is interested in learning about the Latest News of Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab. Before sharing breaking news regarding the newest teaching positions for 2022. I want to go into depth about the open teaching positions, the actions done by the provincial government, and the efforts made by the teacher’s unions.

In all primary, middle, high, and upper secondary schools in Punjab, there are about a lakh open positions for PSTs/ESEs, ESTs/SESEs, and SSTs/SSEs, according to data from the School Information System (SIS). The studies of kids have been negatively impacted by this gap. A few days ago, a list of such public schools without a single teacher was posted on social media. In addition, numerous schools in the province are operating without heads of faculty or science instructors.

Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab Pakistan

On the other hand, thousands of teachers were promoted to higher positions during the present provincial government’s tenure, and thousands more resigned or passed away while working there, yet no one was hired to take their place. For both working teachers and students alike, the teacher shortage is a serious issue. The teachers’ union has been speaking out about this terrible situation on various venues for many years, yet recruitment is still not being done.

Dr. Murad Raas, the provincial minister of Punjab’s department of education, has made numerous announcements regarding the hiring of school teachers, but the hiring process has yet to begin as a result of the nation’s political unrest, particularly in the last seven months.


The good news is that the Punjab School Education Department will hire a firm or testing agency to conduct interviews and administer tests to potential educators. SED has agreed to hire 5,000 educators in schools according to necessity. Candidates for employment or appointment by the School Education Department must have at least a master’s degree in the relevant field to be eligible to take the test administered by an accredited testing agency.

In order to facilitate examination services at the district level and locations, SED has expressed interest in hiring the services of a reputable firm or testing agency that is registered in Punjab or Pakistan by the appropriate authority.

Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab Pakistan Today

The deadline for EOI document submission is December 12, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.

Date & Time of EOI Opening: December 16, 2022, until 11:30 a.m.

The Request for Proposal (RFP), which includes the Terms of Reference (TOR), source of services, and evaluation criteria/documents, may be obtained by interested firms/testing agencies free of charge by submitting an application to the Additional Secretary (B&P/General), School Education Department, Old P&D Building, Civil Secretariat Punjab, Lahore, during office hours from Monday through Friday. The pertinent files are additionally accessible and can be downloaded from the School Education Department’s website,


As per PPRA regulations, a single stage two envelope procedure and the quality and cost base selection method (QCBS) would be used. At the time and date specified below, complete documentation must be sent in person to the office of the Additional Secretary (B&P/General), School Education Department, Old P&D Building, Civil Secretariat Punjab, Lahore, with the name of the EOI Notice clearly marked on the envelope.

Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab Latest News


Educator Jobs 2022 In Punjab 2022 Latest News

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