Best Foreign Country Jobs 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Best Foreign Country Jobs 2023

Best Foreign Country Jobs 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Best Foreign Country Jobs 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Dubai Jobs for Pakistani 2023

Qatar Jobs for Pakistani 2023

Qatar Army Jobs Apply Online 2023

Singapore Job Vacancy 2023

Hong Kong Employment Visa for Pakistani 2023

Egypt Visa For Pakistani 2023

Malaysia Job Visa for Pakistani 2023

China Visa for Pakistani 2023

Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistani 2023

Jobs in Poland for Foreigners 2023

Turkey Visa For Pakistani 2023

Portugal Visa for Pakistani 2023

OEC Korea Jobs 2023


Pakistani Workers Needed in Dubai, 2023

Below, we’ve outlined what we believe to be the most effective strategies for locating employment in Dubai. In addition to its notoriety as a commercial and tourist hub, Dubai has become a desirable location to seek employment.

You may have heard many people compete for a chance to work in Dubai. Many people travel to Dubai for employment but cannot secure a minimum-wage position when they arrive.


Opportunities for Pakistanis in Qatar’s Workforce in 2023

Whoever meets the requirements can submit an application for the Qatar Jobs for Pakistanis in 2023. Before applying for these Qatar Jobs for Pakistani 2023, interested parties should review the whole advertisement on the website If you’re looking for a job every day, just remember the term “” Instantaneous Warning About Opportunities Abroad

Apply for Open Positions in the Qatari Army Online in 2023

Job-seekers in Qatar interested in joining the Qatari Army in 2022 can learn more about current openings in the Qatari Army here. The Third Forensic Training Researcher position has recently been posted on the Qatar Army Inc. Jobs Portal. Information about openings in the Qatari Army in 2022 can be found on the Qatar Army Careers website, linked to the description below. Read on for the full scoop!


If you are interested in working for the Qatar Army, read about the application process.

There is a new job opening for a Third Forensic Training Researcher on the Qatar Army Careers website. The Qatar Army is looking for qualified individuals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for the positions available in 2022. After you’ve been chosen, the company will start paying you a hefty income every month. For those who join the Qatari Armed Forces, the monthly salary will be QAR 10,000. Expected

Jobs in Singapore in 2023

Those with Pakistani passports can apply for a Singapore visa to visit the Southeast Asian nation. The Evisa, equivalent to a paper visa, was recently issued to me. Here, I’ll share every last nuance of my encounter with the Singapore visa application process from a Pakistani perspective.

Pakistani Work Permit in Hong Kong for the Year 2023

Located in Southeastern China, Hong Kong is a city formerly under British colonial rule. Towering skyscrapers dot the skyline of this bustling metropolis, which is both a major port and a global financial centre. Shopping possibilities range from the frenetic Temple Street Night Market to the city’s many bespoke tailors. The city is also well-known for its vibrant cuisine scene, including everything from Cantonese dim sum to expensive high tea.

Pakistani Citizens Applying For Egypt Visa In 2023

Pakistani Citizens: Apply Online for 5800 Jobs in Egypt and Receive an Egyptian Visa. There is a cap of 48 hours worked per week, and on holidays, employees are expected to put in extra time. In addition, workers are required to take a 21-day vacation each year, which increases to 30 days after ten years of service.

After working for the company for ten months, women are eligible for 90 days of paid maternity leave. A woman has the legal right to one hour every day for the first 24 months after giving birth to allow her to breastfeed her kid. It is not allowed for women to take more than two maternity leaves in a single employment cycle.

Pakistani Work Permits in Malaysia in 2023

A well-known Malaysian employment agency was looking for skilled individuals to fill a variety of positions in the country’s restaurants and retail establishments. Below you’ll find specifics on available positions at Malaysia’s restaurants and retail centres.

Chinese Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2023

Those who have an approved job permit and wish to work in China must get a China Work visa (Z Visa). To legally work in China, you’ll need a work visa or an employment licence granted by the Chinese government. The standard Z visa has a validity period of 00 and allows for a single entrance (means to be determined).


The holder of a Z visa must enter China within 90 days of the visa’s issuance and register with the local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival; once registered, they will be issued a China Residence Permit in place of the Z visa, which will allow them multiple entries into China for a full year. If you wish to apply for a Z visa to China, you must meet the following requirements.

Pakistani citizens in need of an Azerbaijani visa in 2023

The economy of Azerbaijan is one of the fastest expanding in the world. That’s why many highly educated people flock to the country every year. Many personalities from Pakistan are included. Pakistanis need an Azerbaijan work visa to enter the country for employment purposes.

A tourist visa is a way to go for those seeking employment in Azerbaijan. When applying for an Azerbaijan visa, you can do so electronically at Listed below are the prerequisites for submitting a visa application.

Employment Opportunities for Foreigners in Poland in 2023

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Poland. Nowadays, everyone hopes to find work in a foreign country. If you are currently jobless and actively seeking employment. As a result, is your one-stop shop for international employment opportunities. Here you’ll find details regarding applying for a work visa in Poland as a Pakistani in 2022.

Visas to Turkey in 2023 for Pakistanis

Turkey has long been a popular vacation spot for people from Pakistan. Pakistan is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning natural scenery, a wealth of historical sites—mosques and museums housing sacred Islamic relics—and vibrant culture.

Pakistanis living in Turkey have an easier time obtaining Halal food and completing religious ceremonies because Turkey is an Islamic country. Because of this, the number of tourists travelling from Pakistan to Turkey has grown significantly in recent years.

Visa to Portugal in 2023 for Pakistanis

Portugal, the most westerly independent nation in Europe, is also one of the continent’s oldest countries. It covers a total area of 92,212 km2 and is home to 10,291,027 people.

There is a high level of living in the Portuguese Republic due to the country’s strong economy and high per capita income. The country’s fascinating architecture reflects its turbulent past.

Portugal is a part of numerous international organisations, including the UN, EU, NATO, and the Schengen Area. Because of its 1995 membership in the latter, all of its borders inside the union have been abolished.

Vacancies at OEC in Korea in 2023

We would like to inform you that the link contains information regarding employment opportunities with the OEC in Korea. No prior experience or education is required. However, applicants must be between 18 and 39 to be considered for one of the newly announced OEC Korea Jobs 2023 open to Pakistani nationals. Apply immediately at for the New Korea Jobs published in 20232; else, you can submit your application for OEC Korea Jobs in 2023.

It will be possible to apply online at beginning in 2022 after a challan form has been downloaded and submitted to HBL Bank. After submitting your application on, you’ll be directed to a voting page and given information on when and where to take a Korean language exam. Check the online results here if you’re interested in the OEC Korea Balloting Result 2023.


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